Provided by: fbless_0.2.3-3_amd64 bug


       fbless - console fb2 reader


       fbless { book.fb2 | book.fb2.{zip | gz | bz2} }


       Fbless  creates full-size ncurses window, with content of book displayed and only piece of
       user interface is statusbar at bottom.  Interactrion with program  is  invisible,  in  vim
       style, using following default keys:

       Up,k   scroll one line up

       Down,j scroll one line down

       PgUp   scroll one page up

              scroll one page down

       Home,g scroll to the beginning of file

       End    scroll to the end of file

       5,G    move  to  position  in  file (you will be interactively asked for percents value in
              range from 0 to 100, where 0 is the beginning of file and 100 is the end of file)

       Tab    move pointer on the next link

              follow link under pointer

       Left, h
              return back

       Backspace, l
              re-follow last link

       a      toggle auto-scroll mode

       f      enable fifo-style scrolling

       +,-    increase/decrease autoscroll interval (1sec granuality)

       /      search for regular expression

       n      go to the next search result

       s      toggle statusbar

       q      quit

       fbless saves position in file on quit, and restores it  next  time  you  open  same  file,
       unless you move it in the meantime.


              file to store last viewed positions in books

       ~/.fblessrc, $XDG_BASE_DIR/fbless/fblessrc
              configuration  file,  creating  and editing it allows customize colors, keybindings
              and some other options.  Default one in installed under /usr/share/doc/fbless


       This manual page was written by Dmitry Bogatov for Debian project,  but  can  be  used  by
       others under terms of GPLv2+ license.


       Con Radchenko.