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flow-export(1)                       General Commands Manual                       flow-export(1)


       flow-export — Export flow-tools files into other NetFlow packages.


       flow-export    [-h]     [-d    debug_level]     [-f   format]    [-m   mask_fields]    [-u


       The flow-export utility will convert flow-tools flow files to  ASCII  CSV,  cflowd,  pcap,
       wire, mySQL, and PGSQL format.


       -d debug_level
                 Enable debugging.

       -f format Export format.  Supported formats are:
                   0 cflowd
                   1 pcap
                   2 ASCII CSV
                   3 MySQL
                   4 wire
                   5 PGSQL

       -h        Display help.

       -m mask_fields
                 Select  fields  for MySQL, PostgresSQL, cflowd, and ASCII formats.  Add the mask
                 arguments in the order shown below. The mask_fields is built from a  bitwise  OR
                 of the following:

           UNIX_SECS       0x0000000000000001LL
           UNIX_NSECS      0x0000000000000002LL
           SYSUPTIME       0x0000000000000004LL
           EXADDR          0x0000000000000008LL

           DFLOWS          0x0000000000000010LL
           DPKTS           0x0000000000000020LL
           DOCTETS         0x0000000000000040LL
           FIRST           0x0000000000000080LL

           LAST            0x0000000000000100LL
           ENGINE_TYPE     0x0000000000000200LL
           ENGINE_ID       0x0000000000000400LL

           SRCADDR         0x0000000000001000LL
           DSTADDR         0x0000000000002000LL
           SRC_PREFIX      0x0000000000004000LL
           DST_PREFIX      0x0000000000008000LL
           NEXTHOP         0x0000000000010000LL
           INPUT           0x0000000000020000LL
           OUTPUT          0x0000000000040000LL
           SRCPORT         0x0000000000080000LL

           DSTPORT         0x0000000000100000LL
           PROT            0x0000000000200000LL
           TOS             0x0000000000400000LL
           TCP_FLAGS       0x0000000000800000LL

           SRC_MASK        0x0000000001000000LL
           DST_MASK        0x0000000002000000LL
           SRC_AS          0x0000000004000000LL
           DST_AS          0x0000000008000000LL

           IN_ENCAPS       0x0000000010000000LL
           OUT_ENCAPS      0x0000000020000000LL
           PEER_NEXTHOP    0x0000000040000000LL
           ROUTER_SC       0x0000000080000000LL
           EXTRA_PKTS      0x0000000100000000LL
           MARKED_TOS      0x0000000200000000LL

                 When  exporting  to cflowd format the mask_fields field is the cflowd mask which
                 is defined as the following:

           ROUTERMASK         0x00000001
           SRCIPADDRMASK      0x00000002
           DSTIPADDRMASK      0x00000004
           INPUTIFINDEXMASK   0x00000008
           OUTPUTIFINDEXMASK  0x00000010
           SRCPORTMASK        0x00000020
           DSTPORTMASK        0x00000040
           PKTSMASK           0x00000080
           BYTESMASK          0x00000100
           IPNEXTHOPMASK      0x00000200
           STARTTIMEMASK      0x00000400
           ENDTIMEMASK        0x00000800
           PROTOCOLMASK       0x00001000
           TOSMASK            0x00002000
           SRCASMASK          0x00004000
           DSTASMASK          0x00008000
           SRCMASKLENMASK     0x00010000
           DSTMASKLENMASK     0x00020000
           TCPFLAGSMASK       0x00040000
           INPUTENCAPMASK     0x00080000
           OUTPUTENCAPMASK    0x00100000
           PEERNEXTHOPMASK    0x00200000
           ENGINETYPEMASK     0x00400000
           ENGINEIDMASK       0x00800000

           INDEX_V1_MASK      0x00043FFF
           INDEX_V5_MASK      0x00C7FFFF
           INDEX_V6_MASK      0x00FFFFFF
           INDEX_V7_MASK      0x00C7FFFF
           INDEX_V8_1_MASK    0x00C0CD99
           INDEX_V8_2_MASK    0x00C00DE1
           INDEX_V8_3_MASK    0x00C14D8B
           INDEX_V8_4_MASK    0x00C28D95
           INDEX_V8_5_MASK    0x00C3CD9F

                 The default value is all fields applicable to the the flow file, or  the  cflowd
                 INDEX mask applicabable to the export format.

       -u user:password:host:port:name:table
                 Configure MySQL or PostgresSQL Access.


       Convert the flow-tools file flows to the cflowd file flows.cflowd.  Include all fields.

         flow-export -f0 < flows > flows.cflowd


       Convert the flow-tools file flows to the ASCII.  Include the SRCADDR and DSTADDR fields.

         flow-export -f2 -m0x3000 < flows > flows.ascii


       Export  the flow-tools file flows to an MySQL Database.  Include only SRCADDR, DSTADDR and

         flow-export  -f3  -mDOCTETS,SRCADDR,DSTADDR  -u  "user:password:host:port:name:table"  <


       The pcap format is a hack.


       Mark Fullmer

       Database Support: William Emmanuel Yu