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flow-gen(1)                          General Commands Manual                          flow-gen(1)


       flow-gen — Generate test flows


       flow-gen [-h]  [-b big|little]  [-d debug_level]  [-n count]  [-V version]  [-z z_level]


       The  flow-gen  utility generates a test pattern of flows in any of the currently supported
       export versions typically for debugging purposes.


       -b big|little
                 Byte order of output.

       -d debug_level
                 Enable debugging.

       -h        Display help.

       -n count  Generate count flows.  Default 1000.

       -V version
                 Generate version type exports.  Supported versions are:

           1    NetFlow version 1 (No sequence numbers, AS, or mask)
           5    NetFlow version 5
           6    NetFlow version 6 (5+ Encapsulation size)
           7    NetFlow version 7 (Catalyst switches)
           8.1  NetFlow AS Aggregation
           8.2  NetFlow Proto Port Aggregation
           8.3  NetFlow Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.4  NetFlow Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.5  NetFlow Prefix Aggregation
           8.6  NetFlow Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.7  NetFlow Source Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.8  NetFlow Full Flow (Catalyst switches)
           8.9  NetFlow ToS AS Aggregation
           8.10 NetFlow ToS Proto Port Aggregation
           8.11 NetFlow ToS Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.12 NetFlow ToS Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.13 NetFlow ToS Prefix Aggregation
           8.14 NetFlow ToS Prefix Port Aggregation
           1005 Flow-Tools tagged version 5

       -z z_level
                 Configure compression level to  z_level.  0 is disabled (no compression),  9  is
                 highest compression.


       Generate  a test pattern of 1000 version 5 flows and send them in the Cisco NetFlow packet
       format to port 9500.

         flow-gen -V5 | flow-send 0/


       The test pattern may change between releases.


       Mark Fullmer