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flow-receive(1)                      General Commands Manual                      flow-receive(1)


       flow-receive — Receive flow data with the NetFlow protocol.


       flow-receive  [-h]  [-b big|little]  [-C comment]  [-d debug_level]  [-o output_file]  [-S
       stat_interval]  [-V pdu_version]  [-z z_level] localip/remoteip/port


       The flow-receive utility is used to receive flows in NetFlow format.  When the remoteip is
       configured  only  flows  from that exporter will be processed, this is the most secure and
       recommended configuration.  When the localip is configured flow-receive will only  process
       flows  sent  to the  localip IP address.  If remoteip is 0 (not configured) flows from any
       source IP address are accepted.  Multiple non aggregated PDU versions may be  accepted  at
       once  to  support Cisco's Catalyst 6500 NetFlow implementation which exports from both the
       supervisor and MSFC with the same IP address and same port but different export  versions.
       In  this  case  the  exports  will  be  stored  in  the format specified by the -V flag or
       whichever export type is received first.


       -b big|little
                 Byte order of output.

       -C Comment
                 Add a comment.

       -d debug_level
                 Enable debugging.

       -h        Display help.

       -o file   Write to file instead of the standard out.

       -S stat_interval
                 When configured flow-receive will emit a timestamped  message  on  stderr  every
                 stat_interval  minutes indicating counters such as the number of flows received,
                 packets processed, and lost flows.

       -V pdu_version
                 Use pdu_version format output.

       1    NetFlow version 1 (No sequence numbers, AS, or mask)
       5    NetFlow version 5
       6    NetFlow version 6 (5+ Encapsulation size)
       7    NetFlow version 7 (Catalyst switches)
       8.1  NetFlow AS Aggregation
       8.2  NetFlow Proto Port Aggregation
       8.3  NetFlow Source Prefix Aggregation
       8.4  NetFlow Destination Prefix Aggregation
       8.5  NetFlow Prefix Aggregation
       8.6  NetFlow Destination (Catalyst switches)
       8.7  NetFlow Source Destination (Catalyst switches)
       8.8  NetFlow Full Flow (Catalyst switches)
       8.9  NetFlow ToS AS Aggregation
       8.10 NetFlow ToS Proto Port Aggregation
       8.11 NetFlow ToS Source Prefix Aggregation
       8.12 NetFlow ToS Destination Prefix Aggregation
       8.13 NetFlow ToS Prefix Aggregation
       8.14 NetFlow ToS Prefix Port Aggregation
       1005 Flow-Tools tagged version 5

       -z z_level
                 Configure compression level to  z_level.  0 is disabled (no compression),  9  is
                 highest compression.


       Listen on port 9800 on any local interface for exports from IP address, store the
       exports in flows

       flow-receive 0/ > flows

       Listen on port 9800 on any local interface from any IP address, display the received flows
       with flow-print.

       flow-receive 0/0/9800 | flow-print


       It  is  not currently possible to convert between the aggregated formats (8.x) and the non
       aggregated formats (1,5,6,7).


       Mark Fullmer