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flow-send(1)                         General Commands Manual                         flow-send(1)


       flow-send — Transmit flow data with the NetFlow protocol.


       flow-send   [-h]    [-d  debug_level]   [-m  privacy_mask]   [-s]   [-x  xmit_delay]   [-V
       pdu_version] localip/remoteip/port


       The flow-send utility is used to transmit flows in NetFlow format to a collector specified
       by localip/remoteip/port.


       -d debug_level
                 Enable debugging.

       -h        Display help.

       -s        Enable spoofing of source IP address.

       -m privacy_mask
                 Apply  privacy_mask  to  the  source  and  destination IP address of flows.  For
                 example   a   privacy_mask   of   would   convert   flows   with
                 source/destination  IP  addresses and to and

       -V pdu_version
                 Use pdu_version format when transmitting.

           1    NetFlow version 1 (No sequence numbers, AS, or mask)
           5    NetFlow version 5
           6    NetFlow version 6 (5+ Encapsulation size)
           7    NetFlow version 7 (Catalyst switches)
           8.1  NetFlow AS Aggregation
           8.2  NetFlow Proto Port Aggregation
           8.3  NetFlow Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.4  NetFlow Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.5  NetFlow Prefix Aggregation
           8.6  NetFlow Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.7  NetFlow Source Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.8  NetFlow Full Flow (Catalyst switches)
           8.9  NetFlow ToS AS Aggregation
           8.10 NetFlow ToS Proto Port Aggregation
           8.11 NetFlow ToS Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.12 NetFlow ToS Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.13 NetFlow ToS Prefix Aggregation
           8.14 NetFlow ToS Prefix Port Aggregation
           1005 Flow-Tools tagged version 5

       -x xmit_delay
                 Configure a microsecond transmit delay between packets.  This may  be  necessary
                 in some configurations to prevent a transmit buffer overrun.


       Transmit  all flows in the directory /flows/krc4 to the collector at listening on
       port 9500.

         flow-cat /flows/krc4 | flow-send 0/

       Generate a test pattern of version 7 flows and  send  them  to  a  collector  at
       listening on port 9500.

         flow-gen -V7 | flow-send 0/


       It  is  not currently possible to convert between the aggregated formats (8.x) and the non
       aggregated formats (1,5,6,7).


       Mark Fullmer