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flow-xlate(1)                        General Commands Manual                        flow-xlate(1)


       flow-xlate — Apply translations to selected fields of a flow.


       flow-xlate  [-hkn]  [-b big|little]  [-C comment]  [-d debug_level]  [-v variable binding]
       [-V flow_version]  [-x xlate_fname]  [-X xlate_definition]  [-z z_level]


       The flow-xlate utility is used to apply translations to flows.  Translations  are  defined
       in  a configuration file and are composed of actions and a definition to invoke action(s).
       The definitions are in the form of terms,  each  term  can  have  a  filter  and  multiple

       Words  in  the  configuration  file of the form @VAR or @{VAR:default} will be expanded at
       run-time by setting variable names with the -v option.

       Translation actions begin with the xlate-action keyword followed by a symbolic name.  Each
       action has a type defined below.

       Translation  definitions  begin  with  the xlate-definition keyword followed by a symbolic
       name.  Each definition is composed of terms which  are  evaluated  in  the  order  of  the
       configuration file.  A term may invoke a filter to conditionally invoke an action.

       Action type/sub-commands                Description/Example
       ip-source-address-to-network            Zero host bits based on mask.
       ip-destination-address-to-network       Zero host bits based on mask.

         (no sub-commands)

       ip-source-address-to-class-network      Zero source host bits to
                                               match class.
       ip-destination-address-to-class-network Zero dst host bits to
                                               match class.

         (no sub-commands)

       ip-source-address-anonymize             Anonymize source address.
       ip-destination-address-anonymize        Anonymize destination address.
       ip-address-anonymize                    Anonymize src/dst address.

           algorithm                           Algorithm.  cryptopan-aes128 is
                                               currently supported.
                                                algorithm cryptopan-aes128

           key                                 Key.  Key is 128 bits in hex.
                                                key 0123456789ABCDEFG

           key-file                            File to load key from.  Key is
                                               128 bits in hex.
                                                key-file /mfstmp/secret-key

           key-file-refresh                    How often to check the key file.
                                               Interval is in minutes, the
                                               optional second argument is
                                               hour:min:sec to specify the
                                               first refresh.  This example
                                               will load a new key every day
                                               at 12:00:00.
                                                14400 12:00:00

       ip-address-privacy-mask                 Apply a mask to the source and
                                               destination address to remove

       ip-port-privacy-mask                    Apply a mask to the source and
                                               destination port to remove

       tag-mask                                Apply mask to the source and
                                               destination tag.

           mask                                Source and Destination mask
                                               to apply.
                                                mask 0xFFFF 0xFFFF

       scale                                   Scale packets and bytes.

         scale                                 Scale to apply.
                                                scale 100

       replace-source-as0                      Replace source AS 0
       replace-destination-as0                 Replace destination AS 0

         as                                    AS replacement value.
                                                as 3112


       -b big|little
                 Byte order of output.

       -C Comment
                 Add a comment.

       -d debug_level
                 Enable debugging.

       -h        Display help.

       -k        Keep time from input.

       -n        Don't load configuration file.  Useful only with -V

       -v variable binding
                 Set a variable FOO=bar.

       -V pdu_version
                 Use pdu_version format output.

           1    NetFlow version 1 (No sequence numbers, AS, or mask)
           5    NetFlow version 5
           6    NetFlow version 6 (5+ Encapsulation size)
           7    NetFlow version 7 (Catalyst switches)
           8.1  NetFlow AS Aggregation
           8.2  NetFlow Proto Port Aggregation
           8.3  NetFlow Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.4  NetFlow Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.5  NetFlow Prefix Aggregation
           8.6  NetFlow Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.7  NetFlow Source Destination (Catalyst switches)
           8.8  NetFlow Full Flow (Catalyst switches)
           8.9  NetFlow ToS AS Aggregation
           8.10 NetFlow ToS Proto Port Aggregation
           8.11 NetFlow ToS Source Prefix Aggregation
           8.12 NetFlow ToS Destination Prefix Aggregation
           8.13 NetFlow ToS Prefix Aggregation
           8.14 NetFlow ToS Prefix Port Aggregation
           1005 Flow-Tools tagged version 5

       -x xlate_fname
                 Translation config file name.  Defaults to /etc/flow-tools/cfg/xlate.cfg

       -X xlate_definition
                 Translation definition.  Defaults to default.

       -z z_level
                 Configure  compression  level to  z_level.  0 is disabled (no compression), 9 is
                 highest compression.


       Convert the version 7 flows in flows.v7 to version 5, storing the result in flows.v5.

         flow-xlate -V5 < flows.v7 > flows.v5

       Set the low 11 bits in the IP addresses to zero unless the  address  is  multicast  or  it
       belongs to the 192.88.99/24 network.

       # xlate.cfg
       include-filter filter.cfg

       xlate-action MULTICAST-PRIVACY
         type ip-address-privacy-mask
         mask 0xFFFFFFFF 0xFFFFFFFF

       xlate-action UNICAST-PRIVACY
         type ip-address-privacy-mask
         mask 0xFFFFFF00 0xFFFFF800

       xlate-definition abilene_privacy
           filter mcast
           action MULTICAST-PRIVACY
           filter ucast
           action UNICAST-PRIVACY

       # filter.cfg
       filter-primitive MCAST
         type ip-address-mask

       filter-primitive UCAST
         type ip-address-mask
         default permit

       filter-primitive SKIP
         type ip-address-mask
         default permit

       filter-definition mcast
         match ip-destination-address MCAST

       filter-definition ucast
         match ip-destination-address UCAST
         match ip-destination-address SKIP
         match ip-source-address SKIP

       flow-cat flows | flow-xlate -xxlate.cfg -Xabilene_privacy | flow-print


         Configuration files:
           Symbols - /etc/flow-tools/sym/*.
           Filter - /etc/flow-tools/cfg/filter.cfg.
           Xlate - /etc/flow-tools/cfg/xlate.cfg.


       The scale option can overflow the 32 bit flow counters.  This could be solved by detecting
       this condition and splitting the flow in two.

       Translation between aggregated and non aggregated formats is not supported.


       Mark Fullmer