Provided by: fml-asm_0.1-5_amd64 bug


       fml-asm - assemble Illumina short reads in small regions


       fml-asm [options] <in.fq>


       -e INT k-mer length for error correction (0 for auto; -1 to disable) [0]

       -c INT1[,INT2]
              range of k-mer & read count thresholds for ec and graph cleaning [4,8]

       -l INT min overlap length during initial assembly [33]

       -r FLOAT
              drop an overlap if its length is below maxOvlpLen*FLOAT [0.7]

       -t INT number of threads (don't use multi-threading for small data sets) [1]

       -A     discard heterozygotes (apply this to assemble bacterial genomes)