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       ftpsync-cron - Wrapper around ftpsync for use in cron(8)


       ftpsync-cron [ARCHIVE]


       ftpsync-cron   is  part  of  the  ftpsync  suite  for  mirroring  Debian  and  Debian-like
       repositories of packages.  As there are way too many mirrors of Debian  to  populate  them
       all from the machine that generates the archive ("ftp-master"), mirrors are organized in a
       tree-shaped hierarchy.  Thus, every mirror has exactly one upstream from which  it  syncs,
       and each mirror can have any number of downstreams which in turn sync from it.

       ftpsync-cron  is  a  wrapper  around  ftpsync  itself,  intended  to be run out of cron at
       regular, frequent intervals, such as hourly.  When started,  it  reads  the  corresponding
       ftpsync.conf  configuration  file for the archive in question and determines this mirror's
       upstream.  It then fetches the upstream's trace file via  HTTP  and  compares  it  to  the
       version  on  disk  from the last mirror run, thus learning whether the upstream mirror has
       updated.  If it has, ftpsync is triggered.


       Example use in a user crontab:

       SHELL=/bin/bash 31 * * * * sleep $(( RANDOM %% 1800 )) && ./bin/ftpsync-cron


       ftpsync(1) +


       Debian mirror team.

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