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       gbplot - gnuplot command line interface


       gbplot [options] [command] [specstring] < datafile


       This  command  produce  simple  plots  from  the command line using the 'gnuplot' program.
       'comand' is one of the gnuplot commands: 'plot' or 'splot' while 'specstring' is a list of
       gnuplot specifications. In order to escape shell interpretation place 'specstring' between
       double quotes. It is possible to specify the type of terminal  and  output  file  name  as
       command  line  options.  It  is  also  possible to start an interactive session, useful to
       adjust plot parameters by hand. The program can be used in a shell pipe, as in

       cat datafile | gbplot [options] [command] [specstring]


       -h print this help

       -i start interactive session after the plot

       -T set a different terminal

       -o set an ouptut file

       -t assign a title to the plot

       -p prepend expression to plot command

       -l set log; possible values x,y and xy

       -C command to be run before the plot

       -v verbose output: print commands to standard error

              same as '-h'

       --version print the program version


       Two plots: one using line and one using points.

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot plot "u 0:1 w l title 'line', '' u 0:1 w p title 'point'"

       Save the plot in PDF format in a file named 'test.pdf'

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot -T pdf -o test.pdf plot "u 0:1 w l title 'line'"

       Set log on the y axis

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot -l y plot "u 0:1 w l title 'line',  ''  u  0:1  w  p  title

       Set log on the x axis and a grid

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot -l x -C "set grid" plot "u 0:1 w l title 'line', '' u 0:1 w
              p title 'point'"

       Set a grid and the position of the legend

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot -C "set grid" -C "set key bottom right" plot  "u  0:1  w  l
              title 'line', '' u 0:1 w p title 'point'"

       Compute  the  value  of  the  gamma function on a set of points; gawk is used to filer the
       relevant numbers

              echo "1\n2\n3" | gbplot -C "set table" plot 'u (gamma(--help))' | gawk '/  i/{print


       Written by Giulio Bottazzi


       Report bugs to <>
       Package home page <>


       Copyright © 2009-2014 Giulio Bottazzi

       This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License (version 2) as published by the Free Software Foundation.

       This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY  WARRANTY;
       without  even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
       See the GNU General Public License for more details.