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       ginkgo - The ginkgo CLI compiler


       ginkgo flags packages -- pass-throughs

       ginkgo COMMAND options


       Ginkgo  is  a  BDD-style  Golang  testing  framework  built  to help you efficiently write
       expressive and comprehensive tests.

       This page documents the ginkgo CLI, which offers a number of conveniences beyond  what  go
       test provides out of the box and its usage is recommended, but not necessary.


       ginkgo flags packages -- pass-throughs
           Run the tests in packages (or the package in the current directory).

           Any  arguments after -- will be passed to the test.  Run ginkgo test for a description
           of all valid flags.

       ginkgo watch flags packages -- pass-throughs
           Watches the files in  packages and re-runs tests when changes occur.

           Any arguments after -- will be passed to the test.  Accepts all  the  flags  that  the
           ginkgo command accepts except for --keepGoing and --untilItFails.

       ginkgo bootstrap flags
           Bootstrap a test suite for the current package

       ginkgo generate filenames
           Generate a test file named filename_test.go

           If  the  optional filenames argument is omitted, a file named after the package in the
           current directory will be created.

       ginkgo nodot
           Update the nodot declarations in your test suite

           Any missing declarations (from, say, a recently added matcher) will be added  to  your
           bootstrap  file.   If  you've renamed a declaration, that name will be honored and not

       ginkgo convert /path/to/package
           Convert the package at the specified path from an XUnit-style test to  a  Ginkgo-style

       ginkgo unfocus
           Recursively unfocuses any focused tests under the current directory


       ginkgo was written by Onsi Fakhouri.

       This man page was written by Martín Ferrari for the Debian project.