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       glance - Client for OpenStack Images API


       glance [options] <command> [command-options]

       glance help

       glance help <command>


       The glance command line utility interacts with OpenStack Images Service (Glance).

       In  order  to  use  the  CLI,  you must provide your OpenStack username, password, project
       (historically called tenant),  and  auth  endpoint.  You  can  use  configuration  options
       --os-username,  --os-password,  --os-project-id,  and  --os-auth-url  or set corresponding
       environment variables:

          export OS_USERNAME=user
          export OS_PASSWORD=pass
          export OS_PROJECT_ID=b363706f891f48019483f8bd6503c54b
          export OS_AUTH_URL=

       The command line tool will attempt to reauthenticate using provided credentials for  every
       request.  You  can  override  this  behavior  by  manually  supplying  an auth token using
       --os-image-url and --os-auth-token or by setting corresponding environment variables:

          export OS_IMAGE_URL=
          export OS_AUTH_TOKEN=3bcc3d3a03f44e3d8377f9247b0ad155

       You can select an API version to  use  by  --os-image-api-version  option  or  by  setting
       corresponding environment variable:

          export OS_IMAGE_API_VERSION=1

       Default Images API used is v2.


       To get a list of available commands and options run:

          glance help

       To get usage and options of a command:

          glance help <command>


       Get information about image-create command:

          glance help image-create

       See available images:

          glance image-list

       Create new image:

          glance image-create --name foo --disk-format=qcow2 \
                              --container-format=bare --visibility=public \
                              --file /tmp/foo.img

       Describe a specific image:

          glance image-show <Image-ID>


       Glance   client   is   hosted   in   Launchpad   so   you   can   view   current  bugs  at


       OpenStack Foundation


       OpenStack Foundation

                                           Oct 01, 2019                                 GLANCE(1)