Provided by: gmerlin_1.2.0~dfsg+1-6.1build2_amd64 bug


       gmerlin_imgconvert - Image converter


       gmerlin_imgconvert [-co options] input_image output_image


       Image converter


       -co <options>

         Conversion options
         q=<number> (1..5, default: 2)

         Conversion Quality

         Set  the  conversion  quality  for  format  conversions. Lower quality means more speed.
         Values above 3 enable slow high quality calculations.


         Supported  strings:  auto  nearest  bilinear  quadratic   cubic_bspline   cubic_mitchell
         cubic_catmull sinc_lanczos

         Default: auto

         Scale mode

         Choose scaling method. Auto means to choose based on the conversion quality.  Nearest is
         fastest, Sinc with Lanczos window is slowest.

         so=<number> (4..1000, default: 4)

         Scale order

         Order for sinc scaling


         Supported strings: none copy scale

         Default: none

         Deinterlace mode

         Specify interlace mode. Higher modes are better but slower.


         Supported strings: top bottom

         Default: top

         Drop mode

         Specifies which field the deinterlacer should drop.

         fd=[1|0] (default: 0)

         Force deinterlacing

         Force deinterlacing if you want progressive output and the input format pretends  to  be
         progressive also.


       The following generic options are available for all gmerlin applications


         Print this help message and exit


         Print this help message as a manual page and exit


         Print this help message in texinfo format and exit


         Print version info and exit