Provided by: gnunet-fuse_0.10.0-2_amd64 bug


       gnunet-fuse - mount directories shared on gnunet


       gnunet-fuse [OPTIONS]


       gnunet-fuse  is  a  tool  to  mount  directories  that  have  been  published via GNUnet's
       file-sharing applications.  With gnunet-fuse, directories  that  have  been  published  on
       GNUnet  can  be  mounted  as  read-only  file  systems  and the accessed using normal file
       operations.  In contrast to downloading the  directory  recursively  via  gnunet-download,
       this  has  the  advantage  that  files  are  downloaded  on-demand.   Only those files (or
       directories) that you access will be downloaded.   Furthermore,  in  the  case  of  larger
       files,  only  those  blocks  that  an  application  actually  reads  will  be  downloaded.
       Naturally, operations on the file system will block  until  the  download  has  succeeded,
       which can theoretically mean that they never terminate and must be aborted.

       gnunet-fuse  will store all downloaded files in a temporary directory on disk.  This cache
       will be purged when gnunet-fuse exits normally (which  happens  when  the  file-system  is
       unmounted).  As mounting a file system is a priviledged operation, gnunet-fuse must be run
       by root.  If root is not in the 'gnunet' group, access to the shared directory will likely
       fail  as  the  gnunet-service-fs  will  likely  refuse access to root.  This can be solved
       either by adding root to the 'gnunet' group, or by disabling the  access  control  options
       for gnunet-service-fs.

       -c FILENAME, --config=FILENAME
              configuration file to use

       -d ATH, --directory=PATH
              PATH  specifies  the  mountpoint that gnunet-fuse should use as the destination for
              mounting the file system.

       -h, --help
              print help page

       -L LOGLEVEL, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
              Change the loglevel.  Possible values for LOGLEVEL are  ERROR,  WARNING,  INFO  and

       -s URI, --source=URI
              URI  is  the  file-sharing  URI of the directory that is to be mounted.  It must be
              either of type CHK or of type LOC.

       -t, --single-threaded
              in this mode, gnunet-fuse will run in "debug" mode  and  disable  FUSE  concurrency
              (and  add  some  additional logging).  Normally, gnunet-fuse will download multiple
              files in parallel if multiple IO requests are queued with the file  system  at  the
              same  time.    In  debug  mode, all requests are processed sequentially.  Note that
              gnunet-fuse will still fork a helper process to perform the actual interaction with
              the GNUnet file-sharing service.

       -v, --version
              print the version number


       gnunet-fuse  currently  only  supports read-only operations on the file system.  All files
       will be owned by root and will be world-readable.


       Report bugs by using mantis <> or by sending  electronic  mail  to


       gnunet-publish(1), gnunet-fs-gtk(1)