Provided by: dvb-apps_1.1.1+rev1500-1.2_amd64 bug


       gnutv - a digital tv utility.


       gnutv [options]<channelname>


       This manual page documents briefly the gnutv commands.

       gnutv is a digital tv utility.


       -adapter <id>
              adapter to use (default 0)

       -frontend <id>
              frontend to use (default 0)

       -demux <id>
              demux to use (default 0)

       -caslotnum <id>
              ca slot number to use (default 0)

       -channels <filename>
              channels.conf file

       -secfile <filename>
              Optional sec.conf file

       -secid <secid>
              ID  of  the  SEC configuration to use, one of:      * UNIVERSAL (default) - Europe,
              10800 to 11800 MHz and 11600 to 12700 Mhz,      Dual LO, loband 9750, hiband  10600
              MHz      * DBS - Expressvu, North America, 12200 to 12700 MHz, Single LO, 11250 MHz
                   * STANDARD - 10945 to 11450 Mhz, Single LO, 10000 Mhz      * ENHANCED - Astra,
              10700 to 11700 MHz, Single LO, 9750 MHz      * C-BAND - Big Dish, 3700 to 4200 MHz,
              Single LO, 5150 Mhz      * C-MULTI - Big Dish - Multipoint LNBf, 3700 to 4200  MHz,
              Dual LO, H:5150MHz, V:5750MHz      * One of the sec definitions from the secfile if

       -out decoder
              Output to hardware decoder (default)

       -out decoderabypass
              Output to hardware decoder using audio bypass -out dvr Output stream to dvr  device
              -out  null Do not output anything -out stdout Output to stdout -out file <filename>
              Output stream to file -out udp <address> <port> Output stream to address:port using
              udp -out udpif <address> <port> <interface> Output stream to address:port using udp
              forcing the  specified  interface  -out  rtp  <address>  <port>  Output  stream  to
              address:port using udp-rtp -out rtpif <address> <port> <interface> Output stream to
              address:port using udp-rtp forcing the specified interface

       -timeout <secs>
              Number of seconds to output  channel  for  (0=>exit  immediately  after  successful
              tuning, default is to output forever)

              Show the CAM menu

              Do  not attempt to move CA descriptors from stream to programme level -h print this
              help text

       This manual page was written by Uwe Bugla <>.

                                        February 14, 2010                                gnutv(1)