Provided by: firebird3.0-utils_3.0.5.33100.ds4-3_amd64 bug


       gpre - Firebird source pre-processor


       gpre [option...] input output


       gpre is a source pre-processor for easier writing of programs working with the raw
       Firebird API. It supports multiple source languages. Using gpre, you can mix special SQL-
       like language with the normal program source.


           Source is an Ada program.

       -handles package name
           Ada only. Specifies the handles package.

       -c  Source is a C program.

       -cxx | -cplusplus
           Source is a C++ program.

       -database name
           Pre-define database connection.

           Generate "blr_d_float" for doubles.

           Accept upper or lower case DML in C.

           Fetch password from file.

       -charset string
           Default character set & format.

           Set some variables to defaults usable for internal Firebird use.

           Do not automatically ATTACH to a database.

           Do not generate C debug lines.

           Send output to standard out

       -password string
           Default password.

           Generate unformatted binary BLR.

       -sql_dialect value
           SQL dialect to use.

       -sqlda N
           Deprecated feature.

       -user name
           Default user name.

           Verbose output to stderr.

       -x  External database (used with -database).

           Source is a COBOL program.

           Generate ANSI85 compatible COBOL code.


       -z  Print software version.

       -base dir
           Base directory for compile-time database.

       -dfm format
           COBOL date format

           Suppress QLI syntax.

           Source is a FORTRAN program.

           Source is a Pascal program.

           Use trusted authentication.


       Copyright (C) Damyan Ivanov, 2009.

       This manpage was written by Damyan Ivanov for the Debian project but may be used by
       others. Permission is granted to use this document, with or without modifications,
       provided that this notice is retained. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is
       worth it, you can buy me a beer in return.