Provided by: gpx_2.5.2-3_amd64 bug


       gpx - G-code to X3G converter


       gpx [-CFdgilpqrstvw] [-b BAUDRATE] [-c CONFIG] [-e EEPROM] [-f DIAMETER] [-m MACHINE] [-N
       h|t|ht] [-n SCALE] [-x X] [-y Y] [-z Z] IN [OUT]


       -C  Create temporary file with a copy of the machine configuration

       -C  Create temporary file with a copy of the machine configuration

       -F  write X3G on-wire framing data to output file

       -N h|t|ht
           Disable writing of the X3G header (start build notice), tail (end build notice), or

       -d  simulated ditto printing

       -g  Makerbot/ReplicatorG GCODE flavor

       -i  enable stdin and stdout support for command line pipes

       -l  log to file

       -p  override build percentage

       -q  quiet mode

       -r  Reprap GCODE flavor

       -s  enable USB serial I/O and send x3G output to 3D printer

       -t  truncate filename (DOS 8.3 format)

       -v  verose mode

       -w  rewrite 5d extrusion values

       -b BAUDRATE
           Set BAUDRATE for serial I/O. Default is 115200.

       -c CONFIG
           CONFIG is the filename of a custom machine definition (ini file).

       -e EEPROM
           EEPROM is the filename of an eeprom settings definition (ini file).

       -f DIAMETER
           DIAMETER is the actual filament diameter in the printer.

       -m MACHINE
           MACHINE is the predefined machine type. Available configurations are:

           c3  = Cupcake Gen3 XYZ, Mk5/6 + Gen4 Extruder

           c4  = Cupcake Gen4 XYZ, Mk5/6 + Gen4 Extruder

           cp4 = Cupcake Pololu XYZ, Mk5/6 + Gen4 Extruder

           cpp = Cupcake Pololu XYZ, Mk5/6 + Pololu Extruder

           cxy = Core-XY with HBP - single extruder

               = Core-XY with HBP - single extruder, slow Z

           cr1 = Clone R1 Single with HBP

               = Clone R1 Dual with HBP

           r1  = Replicator 1 - single extruder

           r1d = Replicator 1 - dual extruder

           r2  = Replicator 2 (default)

           r2h = Replicator 2 with HBP

           r2x = Replicator 2X

           t6  = TOM Mk6 - single extruder

           t7  = TOM Mk7 - single extruder

           t7d = TOM Mk7 - dual extruder

           z   = ZYYX - single extruder

           zd  = ZYYX - dual extruder

       -n SCALE
           SCALE is the coordinate system scale for the conversion (ABS = 1.0035)

       -x X, -y Y, -z Y
           X = the x axis offset

           Y = the y axis offset

           Z = the z axis offset


       gpx -p -m r2 my-sliced-model.gcode
       gpx -c custom-tom.ini example.gcode /volumes/things/example.x3g
       gpx -x 3 -y -3 offset-model.gcode
       gpx -m c4 -s sio-example.gcode /dev/tty.usbmodem