Provided by: grabix_0.1.7-1_amd64 bug


       grabix - random access on large compressed sequence data


       grabix index bedfile.gz
       grabix grab bedfile.gz linenumber


       In  biomedical  research  it is increasing practice to study the genetic basis of disease.
       This now frequently comprises the sequencing of human sequences. The output of the machine
       however  is  redundant,  and  the  real  sequence  is  the  best  sequence  to explain the
       redundancy. The exchange of data  happens  only  with  compressed  files  -  to  huge  and
       redundant to perform otherwise. One should avoid uncompression whenever possible.

       grabix  leverages  the  fantastic  BGZF  library of the samtools package to provide random
       access into text files that have been compressed with bgzip (from tabix  package).  grabix
       creates  it's  own  index  (.gbi)  of  the  bgzipped  file.  Once indexed, one can extract
       arbitrary lines from the file with the grab command. Or  choose  random  lines  with  the,
       well, random command.


                                          July 18, 2013                                 GRABIX(1)