Provided by: genometools_1.5.10+ds-3_amd64 bug


       gt-convertseq - Parse and convert sequence file formats (FASTA/FASTQ, GenBank, EMBL).


       gt convertseq [options] file [...]


       -v [yes|no]
           be verbose (default: no)

       -r [yes|no]
           reverse complement sequences (default: no)

       -showfilelengthvalues [yes|no]
           show filelengths (default: no)

       -noseq [yes|no]
           do not show sequences (default: no)

       -fastawidth [value]
           FASTA output line width, 0 for unlimited (default: 60)

       -contractdnawc [yes|no]
           replace stretches of DNA wildcards with a single N (default: no)

       -contractproteinwc [yes|no]
           replace stretches of protein wildcards with a single X (default: no)

       -o [filename]
           redirect output to specified file (default: undefined)

       -gzip [yes|no]
           write gzip compressed output file (default: no)

       -bzip2 [yes|no]
           write bzip2 compressed output file (default: no)

       -force [yes|no]
           force writing to output file (default: no)

           display help and exit

           display version information and exit


       Report bugs to