Provided by: openhpi-clients_3.8.0-2build2_amd64 bug


       hpi_shell - An openhpi sample application that allows a user to interactively perform a
       number of HPI operations.


        hpi_shell [-D nn] [-N host[:port]] [-C <cfgfile>] [-e] [-f <file>] [-X] [-h]
        hpi_shell [--domain=nn] [--host=host[:port]] [--cfgfile=file] [--events] [--cmdfile=filename] [--debug] [--help]


       hpi_shell reads commands and performs HPI operations based on those commands.  This allows
       it to exercise HPI-managed hardware and do manual operations on that hardware.

       Once in hpi_shell, use the "help" command for a list of commands, or "help command" for
       details on a particular command.

       If no domain or host is selected, ohparam uses the default domain as specified in the
       openhpiclient.conf file.


   Help Options:
         -h, --help                   Show help options

   Application Options:
       -f filename, --cmdfile=filename
         Execute command file

       -e, --events
         Show short events, discover after subscribe

       -D nn, --domain=nn
         Select domain id nn

       -X, --debug
         Display debug messages

       -N "host[:port]", --host="host[:port]"
         Open session to the domain served by the daemon at the specified URL (host:port).  This
         option overrides the OPENHPI_DAEMON_HOST and OPENHPI_DAEMON_PORT environment variables.
         If host contains ':' (for example IPv6 address) then enclose it in square brackets.  For
         example: "[::1]" or "[::1]:4743".

       -C "file", --cfgfile="file"
         Use passed file as client configuration file.  This option overrides the
         OPENHPICLIENT_CONF environment variable.


         hpialarms      hpifan         hpipower       hpithres
         hpidomain      hpigensimdata  hpireset       hpitop
         hpiel          hpiinv         hpisensor      hpitree
         hpievents      hpionIBMblade  hpisettime     hpiwdt
         ohdomainlist   ohhandler      ohparam


       Author(s) of this man page:

         Bryan Sutula (
         Ulrich Kleber (
         Anton Pak (