Provided by: hfsplus_1.0.4-15_amd64 bug


       hpmount — change directory on an HFS+ volume


       hpmount [-r]  [-pn]  source-path


       hpmount  introduces  a  new  HFS+ volume.  The source path may specify a block device or a
       regular file containing an HFS+ volume  image.   Furthermore,  hpmount  creates  the  file
       .hfsplusvolume in the user's home directory, where the source path and the catalogue ID of
       the current working directory are stored.

       hpmount accepts the following options:

       -r        mount the volume read-only.  The default is to allow write-access.

       -pn       mount partition number n.  The default is to  mount  the  first  partition  that
                 looks like it contains an HFS+ volume.

See also

       hfsplus(7),  hpls(1),  hpcd(1),  hppwd(1),  hpcopy(1),  hprm(1),  hpmkdir(1), hpumount(1),


       This manual page was written by Jens Schmalzing <> for  Debian  GNU/Linux
       using  the  manual  page  by Klaus Halfmann <> that comes with the source
       code and documentation from the Tech Info Library.