Provided by: hfsplus_1.0.4-15_amd64 bug


       hprm — remove a file or directory on an HFS+ volume


       hprm [-R]  [-f]  hfs-path


       hprm  removes  the  file  or  directory specified by hfs-path.  Since write access to HFS+
       volumes is still experimental, the program prints a warning message and prompts  the  user
       before writing anything to the file system.

       hprm accepts the following options:

       -R        recursively remove the contents of a directory.

       -f        one  day,  this  option  will  probably  disable prompting.  For the time being,
                 prompting is always enabled.

See also

       hfsplus(7), hpmount(1), hpls(1), hppwd(1), hpmkdir(1),  hpcd(1),  hpcopy(1),  hpumount(1),


       This  manual  page was written by Jens Schmalzing <> for Debian GNU/Linux
       using the manual page by Klaus Halfmann <> that  comes  with  the  source
       code and documentation from the Tech Info Library.