Provided by: icdiff_1.9.4-1_all bug


       icdiff - terminal side-by-side colorized word diff


       icdiff [options] left_file right_file


       Show differences between files in a two column view.


              show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

              specify the width of the screen. Autodetection is Unix only

              specify the file encoding; defaults to utf8

       -E MATCHER, --exclude-lines=MATCHER
              Do  not  diff  lines  that match this regex. Not compatible with the 'line-numbers'

              consider only the first N lines of each file

       -H, --highlight
              color by changing the background color instead of the foreground color.  Very fast,
              ugly, displays all changes

       -L LABELS, --label=LABELS
              override  file  labels  with  arbitrary tags. Use twice, one for each file. You may
              include the formatting strings '{path}' and '{basename}'

       -N, --line-numbers
              generate output with line numbers. Not compatible with the 'exclude-lines' option.

              use non-bold colors; recommended for solarized

              don't label the left and right sides with their file names

              specify the output encoding; defaults to utf8

       -r, --recursive
              recursively compare subdirectories

              color all non-matching whitespace including that which is not  needed  for  drawing
              the eye to changes.  Slow, ugly, displays all changes

              tab stop spacing

       -u, --patch
              generate patch. This is always true, and only exists for compatibility

       -U NUM, --unified=NUM, --numlines=NUM
              how many lines of context to print; can't be combined with --whole-file

       -W, --whole-file
              show the whole file instead of just changed lines and context

              strip any trailing carriage return at the end of an input line

              choose    which    colors    are    used    for    which    items.    Default    is
              ription:blue,line-numbers:white,meta:magenta,separator    :blue,subtract:red_bold'.
              You       don't       have       to       override       all        of        them: