Provided by: inetutils-tools_1.9.4-10build1_amd64 bug


     hostname — show or set the system host name


     hostname [option ...] [name]


     Show the system's host name, or set it if name is specified.


     -a, --aliases
             Also show aliases for the host name.

     -d, --domain
             Show the DNS domain name.

     -f, --fqdn, --long
             Show the DNS host name or FQDN.

     -F, --file file
             Set the host name or NIS domain name from file.

     -i, --ip-addresses
             Show the addresses for the host name.

     -s, --short
             Show the short host name.

     -y, --yp, --nis
             Show the NIS/YP domain name.

     -?, --help
             Give this help list.

             Give a short usage message.

     -V, --version
             Print program version.