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       janus-pp-rec - Janus recordings post-processing utility.


       janus-pp-rec      [--header      source.mjr]      [--parse      source.mjr]     source.mjr


       janus-pp-rec is a simple utility that allows you to post-process recordings  generated  by
       Janus plugins (e.g., VideoRoom or others). More specifically, since Janus recordings (.mjr
       files) are basically a structured dump of RTP packets, this utility reorders them all  and
       extracts  the  frames  in  order  to stick them together and save them to a playable media
       file. No transcoding is done.

       The target file depends on the codec used in the recording:  for  instance,  VP8  and  VP9
       frames  can only be converted to a .webm file, while H.264 frames can only be converted to
       a .mp4 file. Right now, you can convert VP8/VP9 recordings to .webm, H.264  recordings  to
       .mp4,  G.711  recordings  to .wav, Opus recordings to .opus and Data Channel recordings to


       -h, --help
              Print help and exit

       --header source.mjr
              Only parse the recording header and then exit

       --parse source.mjr
              Only parse the recording header and reorder the packets, and then exit


       janus-pp-rec --header rec1234.mjr - Parse the recordings header (shows metadata info)

       janus-pp-rec --parse rec1234.mjr - Parse the recordings packets without processing them

       janus-pp-rec rec1234.mjr rec1234.webm - Convert a VP8 .mjr recording to a .webm file


       If you think you found a bug or want to contribute a feature, you  can  issue  or  a  pull
       request on

       Anyway,    before    doing    that    make    sure   you   read   the   documentation   at and  that  it  has  not  been  discussed  already  at!forum/meetecho-janus.   We  only  use  Github  for  code
       issues, and NOT for configuration or usage issues: use the group for that.

SEE ALSO - Official repository - Demos and documentation!forum/meetecho-janus - Community - Tutorials and blog posts on Janus


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