Provided by: jlex_1.2.6-10_all bug


       jlex - lexical analyser generator for Java(tm)


       jlex specfile


       JLex takes the language specification in specfile and generates Java(tm) source code for a
       lexical analyser corresponding to the specification.

       The lexical analyzer source code is placed in a file whose name is the name  of  the  JLex
       specification  file,  with  the string ".java" added to the end.  For example, if the JLex
       specification file is called foo.lex, the lexical analyzer  source  code  file  that  JLex
       produces will be called

       The  resulting lexical analyzer source code should be compiled with a Java compiler.  This
       produces a lexical analyzer class file, which can then be used in  your  application.   If
       the  default  settings  have  not  been changed, the lexical analyzer class will be called
       Yylex and the class files will named Yylex.class and Yytoken.class.

       For more information, see the JLex manual in /usr/share/doc/jlex/manual.html.


       /usr/share/doc/jlex/manual.html,                            /usr/share/doc/jlex/bugs.html,


       jlex produces diagnostic output to inform you of its progress.


       See /usr/share/doc/jlex/bugs.html for information about known bugs in JLex.

       Please  report bugs in the Debian version of JLex to the Debian bug tracking system in the
       first instance.  Otherwise, please contact A. Appel <>.


       JLex was written by Elliot Joel Berk at Princeton University.  It is now maintained by  C.
       Scott Ananian.

       This manual page was written by Charles Briscoe-Smith <>, modified by Colin
       Watson <>, and is hereby contributed to the Public Domain.

       Please see the file /usr/share/doc/jlex/copyright for more information.


       "Java" is a trademark or registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

                                            6 Aug 2001                                    JLEX(1)