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       khost - Simple DNS lookup utility


       khost [options] name [server]


       This  utility  sends  a  DNS  query  for the name to the server and prints a reply in more
       user-readable form. For more advanced DNS queries use kdig instead.

       name   Is a domain name that is to be looked up. If the name is IPv4 or IPv6  address  the
              PTR query type is used.

       server Is  a  name or an address of the nameserver to send a query to.  The address can be
              specified using [address]:port notation. If no server  is  specified,  the  servers
              from /etc/resolv.conf are used.

       If no arguments are provided, khost prints a short help.

       -4     Use the IPv4 protocol only.

       -6     Use the IPv6 protocol only.

       -a     Send ANY query with verbose mode.

       -d     Enable debug messages.

       -h, --help
              Print the program help.

       -r     Disable recursion.

       -T     Use the TCP protocol.

       -v     Enable verbose output.

       -V, --version
              Print the program version.

       -w     Wait forever for the reply.

       -c class
              Set the query class (e.g. CH, CLASS4). The default class is IN.

       -t type
              Set  the  query  type  (e.g.  NS,  IXFR=12345, TYPE65535). The default is to send 3
              queries (A, AAAA and MX).

       -R retries
              The number (>=0) of UDP retries to query a nameserver. The default is 1.

       -W wait
              The time to wait for a reply in seconds. This timeout applies to  each  query  try.
              The default is 2 seconds.


       1. Get the A, AAAA and MX records for

             $ khost

       2. Get the reverse record for address

             $ khost

       3. Perform a verbose zone transfer for zone

             $ khost -t AXFR -v




       kdig(1), knsupdate(1).


       CZ.NIC Labs <>


       Copyright 2010–2019, CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.