Provided by: kickpass_0.2.0-1_amd64 bug


     kickpass — a stupid simple password safe


     kickpass [-hv]
     kickpass help [command]
     kickpass init [sub]
     kickpass cat [-p] safe
     kickpass create [-gl len] safe
     kickpass open [-t] safe
     kickpass edit [-pmgl] safe
     kickpass copy safe
     kickpass list [path]
     kickpass delete safe
     kickpass agent [-d] [command [arg ...]]


     kickpass is a stupid simple password safe. It keep each password in a specific safe,
     protected with modern cryptography. Command line interface is splited into different
     command. Each is described in the following subsections.

     All safes are stored in kickpass workspace. Default workspace is $HOME/.kickpass/ .

     Safe name can contains any character allowed by the file system containing the kickpass
     workspace. If safe name contains ‘/’ then corresponding directories will be created under
     kickpass workspace.  For example the following command

           kickpass create www/my-personnal-website

     will create a safe in $HOME/.kickpass/www/my-personnal-website . While following command

           kickpass list www

     will list all safe under the directory $HOME/.kickpass/www/ .

   kickpass [-hv]
     Don't do anything

     -v --version
           Print kickpass version

     -h --help
           Print kickpass help

   kickpass help [command]
     Print general help or command help.

   kickpass init [sub]
     Initialize a kickpass workspace or a sub-workspace.

   kickpass cat [-p] safe
     Open safe and print safe metadata to stdout.

     -p --password
           Print the password to stdout

   kickpass create [-gl] safe
     Create a new password safe.

     -g --generate
           Create a new safe with a generated random password

     -l --length len
           Generate a random password of len length

   kickpass open [-t] safe
     Open safe and load it in kickpass agent

     -t --timeout
           Sets the lifetime of the opened safe in the agent. Default in seconds (3600s).

   kickpass edit [-pmgl] safe
     Prompt for a new password and edit metadata from safe using EDITOR environment variable

     -p --password
           Edit only password

     -m --metadata
           Edit only metadata

     -g --generate
           Create a new safe with a generated random password

     -l --length len
           Generate a random password of len length

   kickpass copy safe
     Copy safe password into X primary and secondary clipboards. Password can be pasted only

   kickpass list [path]
     List available safes starting from path relatively to kickpass workspace or from root of
     kickpass workspace if path is not given.

   kickpass delete [-f] safe
     Delete safe .

   kickpass agent [-d] [command [arg ...]]
     Start a kickpass agent that will store your opened safe. Agent can be used by exporting
     KP_AGENT_SOCK environment variable. Optionally starts command with the correct environment

     -d --version
           Do not daemonize agent.


     The following variables are used by kickpass:

     HOME       The user's login directory. Used to compute kickpass workspace path.

     EDITOR     The user's preferred utility to edit text files. Used to edit safe.

                Socket used to communicate with kickpass agent. Path to socket is printed to
                stdout when at agent startup.


     The following files and directories are used by kickpass:

                The kickpass working directory.


     Initialize a kickpass workspace.

           kickpass init
     Create a new safe with a random password.

           kickpass create -g www/my_safe
     Display safe content on stdout.

           kickpass cat www/my_safe
     Edit a safe.

           kickpass edit www/my_safe
     Copy password contained in safe into X clipboards.

           kickpass copy www/my_safe


     kickpass is written by Paul Fariello <> .