Provided by: lepton-eda_1.9.6-1_amd64 bug


       lepton-schematic - Lepton EDA Schematic Capture


       lepton-schematic [OPTION ...] [--] [FILE ...]


       lepton-schematic  is  a  schematic  capture  application,  and  is  part of the Lepton EDA
       (Electronic Design Automation) toolset.  It is used to draw electronic  schematics,  which
       describe  the  logical  structure  of an circuit. Schematics are made up of symbols, which
       represent the various components in the circuit, and are obtained either from  a  standard
       library  or  created  by the user.  The connections between components represented by nets
       (wires).  Schematics may  be  printed  to  a  PostScript  file  for  printing  or  further
       conversion to other output formats.  Output to various image formats is also supported.

       lepton-schematic can also be used for editing symbols for use in schematics.


       -q, --quiet
               Quiet mode. Turn off all warnings/notes/messages.

       -v, --verbose
               Verbose mode.  Output all diagnostic information.

               Prepend DIRECTORY to the list of directories to be searched for Scheme files.

       -s FILE Specify a Scheme script to be executed at startup.

       -c EXPR Specify a Scheme expression to be evaluated at startup.

       -o, --output=FILE
               Specify  a  filename  for PostScript output.  This command line argument is useful
               when running lepton-schematic from a shell script and with a Scheme  script.   The
               filename can be changed through the print dialog box.

       -p      Automatically  place  the  window.  This may be useful if running lepton-schematic
               from the command line and generating output.

       -h, --help
               Print a help message.

       -V, --version
               Print lepton-schematic version information.

       --      Treat all remaining arguments as schematic or symbol filenames.  Use this  if  you
               have a schematic or symbol filename which begins with `-'.


       Optionally, schematic or symbol FILEs may be specified on the command line.  Any schematic
       or symbols specified are loaded at startup as separate documents in the schematic editor.

       If no FILEs are specified, a blank schematic is created for editing.


               specifies  the  search  directory  for  Scheme  and  rc  files.   The  default  is

               specifies the search directory for rc files.  The default is `$GEDADATA'.


       See the `AUTHORS' file included with this program.


       Copyright © 2012-2017 gEDA Contributors.
       Copyright © 2017-2018 Lepton Developers.
       License GPLv2+: GNU GPL version 2 or later. Please see the `COPYING'
       file included with this program for full details.

       This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
       There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.


       lepton-netlist(1), lepton-symcheck(1)

       The  full  documentation  for  lepton-schematic  is  available  from within the program by
       selecting the `Documentation' option from the program's `Help' menu.