Provided by: libinput-tools_1.14.1-2_amd64 bug


       libinput-measure-touchpad-pressure - measure pressure properties of devices


       libinput measure touchpad-pressure [--help] [options] [/dev/input/event0]


       The  libinput  measure  touchpad-pressure  tool  measures  the  pressure  of  touches on a
       touchpad. This is an interactive tool. When executed, the tool will  prompt  the  user  to
       interact  with  the  touchpad.  On  termination, the tool prints a summary of the pressure
       values seen. This data should be attached to any pressure-related bug report.

       For a full description on how libinput's pressure-to-click behavior works, see the  online
       documentation                                                                        here:             and

       This  is  a  debugging  tool  only,  its output may change at any time. Do not rely on the

       This tool usually needs to be run as root to have access to the /dev/input/eventX nodes.


       If a device node is given, this tool opens that device node. Otherwise, this tool searches
       for the first node that looks like a touchpad and uses that node.

       --help  Print help

               Set  the  logical  touch  pressure thresholds to down and up, respectively. When a
               touch exceeds the pressure in down it is considered logically down. If a touch  is
               logically  down  and goes below the pressure in up, it is considered logically up.
               The thresholds have to be in device-specific pressure values and  it  is  required
               that down >= up.

               Assume a palm threshold of N.  The threshold has to be in device-specific pressure

       If the touch-thresholds or the  palm-threshold  are  not  provided,  this  tool  uses  the
       thresholds provided by the device quirks (if any) or the built-in defaults.


       Part of the libinput(1) suite