Provided by: devscripts_2.19.6ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       manpage-alert - check for binaries without corresponding manpages


       manpage-alert [options] [paths]


       manpage-alert  searches  the  given  list  of  paths  for  binaries  without corresponding

       If no paths are specified on the command line, the path list /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin
       /usr/games will be assumed.


              Show a summary of options.

              Show version and copyright information.

              Show filenames of missing manpages without any leading text.

              Show filenames of missing manpages with their package name.

              Do not show statistics at the end.


       manpage-alert   was   written   by   Branden   Robinson  and  modified  by  Julian  Gilbey
       <> and Adam D. Barratt <> (who also wrote this
       manpage) for the devscripts package.

       This manpage and the associated program are licensed under the terms of the GPL, version 2
       or later.