Provided by: libsoldout-utils_1.4-2_amd64 bug


     mkd2html — convert a markdown document into (X)HTML


     mkd2html [-dHhmnx] [file]


     mkd2html utility reads file and generates (X)HTML input from markdown source.  If
     unspecified, file is taken to be standard input.

     By default, mkd2html implies -H and -m options.

     The options are as follows:

     -d, --discount
             enable Discount extensions:

             ·  image size specification, by appending "=(width)x(height)" to the link

             ·  pseudo-protocols in links:

                ·  abbr:description for <abbr title="description">...</abbr>

                ·  class:name for <span class="name">...</span>

                ·  id:name for <span id="name">...</span>

                ·  raw:text for verbatim unprocessed text inclusion

             ·  class blocks: blockquotes beginning with %class% will be rendered as a div of the
                given class(es)

             and PHP-Markdown-like tables.

     -H, --html
             output HTML (self-closing tags like: <br>).

     -h, --help
             display help text.

     -m, --markdown
             disable all extensions and use strict markdown syntax.

     -n, --natext
             enable Discount extensions and Natasha's own extensions:

             ·  id attribute for headers, using the syntax id#Header text

             ·  class attribute for paragraphs, by putting class name(s) between parenthesis at
                the very beginning of the paragraph

             ·  <ins> and <del> spans, using respectively ++ and -- as delimiters (with emphasis-
                like restrictions, i.e. an opening delimiter cannot be followed by a whitespace,
                and a closing delimiter cannot be preceded by a whitespace)

             ·  plain <span> without attribute, using emphasis-like delimiter |

     -x, --xhtml
             output XHTML (self-closing tags like: <br />).


     The mkd2html utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     mkd2latex(1), mkd2man(1)


     mkd2html was written by Natasha "Kerensikova" Porte <>.  Manual page
     was originally written by Massimo Manghi <>, and rewritten to mdoc format
     by Svyatoslav Mishyn <>.