Provided by: libsnmp-dev_5.7.3+dfsg-5ubuntu5_amd64 bug


       mib2c-update - script to merge custom code into updated mib2c code




       Use  mib2c-update  to  generate  your mib2c code templates, and it will track the original
       code and the changes you make to the code. If  the  mib2c  template  changes  (bug  fixes,
       enhances in later releases), re-running mib2c will update the template and then attempt to
       re-apply your changes.

       This can be extremely useful when developing your own mib2c templates.

       When you first run mib2c-update, it will create several hidden directories and  a  .mib2c-
       updaterc  file.  You  must edit the .mib2c-udpaterc file to specify two values. The first,
       UPDATE_OID, is the table name to specify when running mib2c. The second,  UPDATE_CONF,  is
       the mib2c configuration file to specify when running mib2c.

       Additional mib2c options can be specified in UPDATE_MIB2C_OPTS.


       mib2c-update  has only been tested on individual tables. Specifying a scalar or and entire
       MIB might not work.