Provided by: geomview_1.9.5-3_amd64 bug


       nose - test geomview's picking facility


       Nose is a geomview module which tests the geomview picking facility.

       Nose  has  no  panel  of  its  own.   You  invoke  it  by selecting the "Nose" line in the
       APPLICATIONS browser.  Once invoked, nose waits for you to click the  right  mouse  button
       with  the cursor over some object in a geomview camera window.  It then draws a little box
       on the spot where you clicked.  If the picked spot is along an edge, it also draws a  pair
       of  boxes  at the endpoints of the edge, and a line segment along the edge.  If the picked
       spot is on a vertex, the box is a different color.

       Nose is not necessarily intended to be a useful program.  It is just a simple  example  of
       how an external program can find out about and make use of geomview pick events.




       Mark Phillips
       Geometry Center