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       ossmix - Open Sound System command-line mixer program.


       ossmix [-d <dev#>] [-achqD] [control name] [value]


       ossmix  is  a simple command-line mixer utility that is used to display the mixer settings
       of physical and virtual audio devices. OSS version 4  has  an  extended  mixer  API  which
       supports  some  device  specific  features  that  may  not  available  using  other  mixer


       -D     Display device information.

       -a     Dump mixer settings for all mixers (normal format).

       -c     Dump mixer settings for all mixers (command format).

       -h     Display usage information.

       -q     Quiet mode.

              Verbose mode. -v2 prints more detailed infoamation than -v1.

       ctrl# value
              Change value of a mixer control.

       <no arg>
              Display current/possible settings.


       ossmix without any arguments displays the current settings of  the  default  mixer  device
       (usually  the  motherboard  sound  chip).  This  printout can also be used to find out the
       supported control names and their possible values. Currently all controls accept an ON/OFF
       value,  a  mono  value (0 to 100) or a stereo value (left:right where both channel volumes
       can be between 0 and 100). The value can also be expressed in a relative form (e.g. +1  to
       add  1  to  the  previous volume). An ON/OFF control can also receive a TOGGLE value. If a
       control has a name in quotes following the normal  output,  than  the  name  can  be  used
       instead of the control when setting a value.

       The following is a sample printout produced by ossmix:

               Selected mixer 0/Creative AudioPCI
               Known controls are:
               vol <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 50:50)
               pcm <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 50:50)
               speaker <monovol> (currently 21)
               line <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 32:32)
               line.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mic <monovol> (currently 16)
               mic.rec ON|OFF (currently ON)
               cd <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 100:100)
               cd.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               pcm2 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 75:75)
               line1 <both/leftvol>[:<rightvol>] (currently 32:32)
               line1.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               line2 <monovol> (currently 32)
               line2.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               line3 <monovol> (currently 0)
               line3.rec ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mic.micboost ON|OFF (currently ON)
               mic.micbias ON|OFF (currently ON)
               mute.pcmmute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.pcm2mute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.micmute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.cdmute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.linemute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.line1mute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.line2mute ON|OFF (currently OFF)
               mute.line3mute ON|OFF (currently OFF)


       It's  possible  to  select  the  mixer  device  by  using the -d<mixernumber> command line
       argument. This argument (when used) should be the  first  one  on  the  command  line.  By
       default  the  mixer  number 0 will be accessed.  To find the available mixer devices, type
       ossinfo -x and look under the Mixers heading for available mixer devices.


       Changing the values is done just like with the original "mixer" applet.  For example:

               ossmix pcm 50:60

       The above sets the pcm control (audio playback volume) so that the left channel volume  is
       50  and the right channel volume is 60. With just "ossmix pcm 50" the both channel volumes
       will be set to 50.

       In addition to the old mixer there are now some (usually ON/OFF) settings.  These settings
       are  device specific and don't work with all soundcards.  The easiest way to find them out
       is to start ossmix without command line arguments (other than -d#).

       Some control names contain a dot ("."). This dot is required when changing the value.  For
       example: "ossmix -d0 mic.micboost ON".


       ossmix vol 50
              Set the vol control volume to 50. If the pcm control is a stereo control, than both
              channels will be set to 50.

       ossmix vol 50:60
              Set the vol control so that the left channel volume is 50  and  the  right  channel
              volume is 60.

       ossmix vol +2
              Raise vol volume by 2.

       ossmix -- vol +2:-2
              Raise  the left channel volume by 2, and lower right channel volume by 2.  The "--"
              is needed on some systems so that the "-2" won't be mistaken for a parameter.

       ossmix micboost ON
              Set micboost to ON.

       ossmix micboost TOGGLE
              Toggle micboost.

       ossmix mplayer +2
              Raise mplayer volume by 2. This would only work if mplayer  is  using  the  virtual




       ossdevlinks(1), ossxmix(1), savemixer(1)


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