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       perror - explain error codes


       perror [options] errorcode ...


       For most system errors, MySQL displays, in addition to an internal text message, the
       system error code in one of the following styles:

           message ... (errno: #)
           message ... (Errcode: #)

       You can find out what the error code means by examining the documentation for your system
       or by using the perror utility.

       perror prints a description for a system error code or for a storage engine (table
       handler) error code.

       Invoke perror like this:

           shell> perror [options] errorcode ...


           shell> perror 13 64
           OS error code  13:  Permission denied
           OS error code  64:  Machine is not on the network

       The meaning of system error messages may be dependent on your operating system. A given
       error code may mean different things on different operating systems.

       perror supports the following options.

       ·   --help, --info, -I, -?

           Display a help message and exit.

       ·   --ndb

           Print the error message for an NDB Cluster error code.

           This option is deprecated in NDB 7.6.4 and later, where perror prints a warning if it
           is used, and subject to removal in a future NDB Cluster release series. Use the
           ndb_perror utility instead.

       ·   --silent, -s

           Silent mode. Print only the error message.

       ·   --verbose, -v

           Verbose mode. Print error code and message. This is the default behavior.

       ·   --version, -V

           Display version information and exit.


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