Provided by: astrometry.net_0.78+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       plotxy - plots circles, crosses, etc over images.


       plotxy [options]


       -i file
              Input file (xylist)

       -o file
              Output file (default: stdout)

       -I image
              Input image on which plotting will occur; PPM format.

       -p     Input image is PNG format, not PPM.

       -P     Write PPM output instead of PNG.

       -J     Write PDF output.

       -W width
              Width of output image (default: data-dependent).

       -H height
              Height of output image (default: data-dependent).

       -x offset
              X offset: position of the bottom-left pixel (default: 1).

       -y offset
              Y offset: position of the bottom-left pixel (default: 1).

       -X name
              X column: name of the FITS column.

       -Y name
              Y column: name of the FITS column.

       -n obj First object to plot (default: 0).

       -N num Number of objects to plot (default: all).

       -r radius
              Size of markers to plot (default: 5.0).

       -w width
              Linewidth (default: 1.0).

       -s shape
              Shape  of  markers  (default:  circle):  circle,  crosshair,  square,  diamond,  X,

       -C color
              Color  to  plot  in  (default:  white):  darkred,  red,  darkgreen,  green,   blue,
              verydarkblue,  white,  black,  cyan,  magenta,  yellow, brightred, skyblue, orange,
              gray, darkgray

       -b color
              Draw in color behind each marker.

       -S factor
              Scale xylist entries by this value before plotting.

       -e ext FITS extension to read (default 0).


       The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and  Dustin  Lang