Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Create - Create printer calibration.


       Create printer calibration


       printcal [-options] [prevcal] inoutfile

       -v verbosity
              Verbose mode

       -p     Plot graphs.

       -i     Initial calibration, set targets, create .cal

       -r     Re-calibrate against previous .cal and create new .cal

       -e     Verify against previous .cal

       -I     Create imitation target from .ti3 and null calibration

       -d     Go through the motions but don't write any files

       -s smoothing
              Extra curve smoothing (default 1.0)

       -A manufacturer Set the manufacturer description string

       -M model
              Set the model description string

       -D description
              Set the profile Description string

       -C copyright
              Set the copyright string

       -x# percent
              Set initial maximum device % target (override auto)

       -m# percent
              Set initial dev target to % of auto maximum

       -n# deltaE
              Set initial white minimum deltaE target

       -t# percent
              Set initial 50% transfer curve percentage target

       # = c, r, 0
              First channel

       m, g, 1
              Second channel

       y, b, 2
              Third channel

       k,     3   Fourth channel, etc.

       -a     Create an Adobe Photoshop .AMP file as well as a .cal

              Base name of previous .cal file for recal or verify.

              Base name of input .ti3 file, output .cal file