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       qstatus - Grid Engine qstatus script


       qstatus [-acghjlmnot] [-s SORT_FIELD_LIST] [USER]


       This  manual  page  documents  qstatus, a script to reformat the output of the Grid Engine
       command qstat(1).

       The reformatted list is by default limited to the actual user account. This can be changed
       to  request a job list of any user by supplying the username USER as the last argument, or
       requesting an output for all users by the -a switch (see below).

       -a     Display the jobs of all users. May not be used  when  there  is  a  dedicated  user
              specified. This also implies the output of the owner of the jobs.

       -c     Calculate a statistic of the listed jobs.

       -g     Group  output  by  owner.  Only applicable if the owner is listed, either by the -o
              switch or implied by -a. This is a short form of ‘-s owner,running’. Can't be  used
              together with the -s option.

       -h     Print help.

       -j     Include jobs which are suspended.

       -l     Suppress  the  output  of  the  list  of  jobs.  Maybe  useful in case you are only
              interested in the statistic with the -c switch.

       -m     Display the machine instead of the name of the queue the job is  running  in  under
              the column ‘running in’. Only meaningful for SGE 6.0 or above.

       -n     Suppress  the  listing  of  the  individual  owner, mostly useful when all jobs are
              listed. Takes precedence over any other implied options.  If used together with -o,
              only the later one is relevant.

       -o     List  the  owner  of  the  individual  job. Takes precedence over any other implied
              option. If used together with -n, only the later one is relevant.

       -r     Display times relative to submit- or start-times, as appropriate.

              Sort the output according to the given columns. The SORT_FIELD_LIST has the  format
              SORT_FIELD_LIST=SORT_FIELD[,SORT_FIELD]*  where SORT_FIELD can be one of job, name,
              none, owner, running, slots, time.

              The option none will supersede any other column names and  set  the  complete  sort
              order to none.

              The  column  owner  can  only  be used if the owner of the job is displayed at all.
              Otherwise it will be ignored.

              The sort by running will only be used for the running jobs,  not  for  the  waiting

              This will overwrite the default sort order, which is:

                     running jobs:  running
                     waiting jobs:  none

              If the option -g is specified, the default sort order is changed to:

                     running jobs:  owner,running
                     waiting jobs:  owner

       -t     Append  task ID to the jobname for array tasks. This option has no meaning for non-
              array jobs.


       Written by Reuti.


       Report bugs to <>.


       Copyright © 2010 Philipps-University of Marburg.
       This is free software.  You may redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU
       General  Public  License ⟨⟩.  There is NO WARRANTY, to
       the extent permitted by law.


       qstat(1) of Grid Engine.


       Does not support the PBS or Torque resource manager.  The Awk script used  probably  isn't
       portable and may require GNU Awk version 3 or higher.