Provided by: rawtran_1.1-1build1_amd64 bug


       rawtran - RAW to FITS converter


       rawtran [options] file(s)


       Rawtran  is an utility to convert of raw photos in .CR2, .CRW, MRW, NEF, RAF, etc. formats
       to the general astronomical FITS image format [4].  The identification of raw  photo  type
       and  decoding  itself is done via DCRAW utility by D.Coffin [2]. Dcraw should be available

       This manual page summarises usage only. Visit homepage [1] for additional description.


       -c [X|Y|Z|R|V|B|clear|scotopic], [Ri,Gi,Gi1,Gi2,Bi] or [plain,all]
              Select a colour band.

       -o filename
              Specify an output file name. If this option is not used,  the  output  filename  is
              determined  from  the  input: any suffix like *.CR2 is replaced by *.fits.  Precede
              the filename with exclamation point(!) to overwrite an existing file.

              do not overwrite an existing file

       -eV    Values are stored as an energy-like rather than photon-like quantity.

       -D RAW dark filename
              Use the raw photo as a dark frame. Rawtran will try to  convert  the  file  to  PGM
              format  by the dcraw recommended command `dcraw -D -4 -j -t 0 file.RAW' and pass it
              as `dcraw -K file.pgm'.   Note  that  sometimes  can  be  necessary  to  switch-off
              automatic frame rotation by using -A "-t 0" option.

       -E FITS dark filename
              Use  the  FITS  file as a dark frame. The FITS file must be previously converted as
              `dcraw -D -4 -j -t 0 dark.RAW'.

       -C options
              Conversions options for dcraw. Default is '-4 -o 5' for standard photometry filters
              and '-4 -D' for instrumental bands. Defaults are usually satisfactory

       -X options
              Specify  options  to conversion by dcraw itself. One represents default parameters:
              '-q 3 -w'. See also -A.

       -A options
              Specify additional options to dcraw itself. If you passed an option with  parameter
              or  more options, please, enclose ones to quotes or apostrophes.  In doubts, use -X
              "-v" to show detailed description of conversion by dcraw.

       -h, --help
              Show summary of options.

              Display software version.


       0 indicates successful run. A non-zero value is returned when  an  error  occurred  during
       conversion:  1  means  and general error, 2 any RAW file(s) conversion has failed.  If the
       utility is launched without options or with -h switch, zero means that rawtran's  internal
       checker can run dcraw binary and non-zero value otherwise.


       Produce a colour FITS and show it in xmunipack:

       $ rawtran -o IMG_0666.fits IMG_0666.CR2
       $ xmunipack IMG_0666.fits

       A large set of RAW images can be converted as:

       $ rawtran *.CR2

       Convert an image to be equivalent to humans eye brightness sensitivity at day:

       $ rawtran -c Y -o IMG_0666_Y.fits IMG_0666.CR2

       Convert an image to be nearly equivalent to Landolt's B filter:

       $ rawtran -c B -o IMG_0666_B.fits IMG_0666.CR2

       Get green component of RAW:

       $ rawtran -c Gi -o IMG_0666_Gi.fits IMG_0666.CR2

       Subtract dark frame:

       $ rawtran -D IMG_DARK.CR2 IMG_0666.CR2


       Filip Hroch <>


       dcraw(1), fitspng(1)

       [1] Rawtran homepage:,

       [2] Dcraw homepage:,