Provided by: karma-tools_0.1.2-4_amd64 bug


       riocp - program to transfer files to and from the Rio Karma


       riocp [options] files_to_upload...


       This manual page documents briefly the riocp command.

       riocp is a program that searches for and lists files on the Rio Karma.  It also allows the
       user to transfer files to and from the device.


       A summary of options is included below.

       -a {path|hostname|IP-ADDR}
              Set access location of Rio Karma.  Can be either  a  hostname  or  IP  address  for
              network  access; or a path in the filesystem where the Rio Karma is mounted for USB

       -b     Get database by scanning *1 files, instead of smalldb.

       -c charset
              Set codeset to use when communicating with the Rio Karma.

       -D dummyName
              Use dummyName for missing or empty props.  Default if not set is '-UnKnown-'.

       -d     Download the files searched for with "-s".

       -e set1 set2 set3
              Edit the download pathname using set1 and set2 as in unix tr.   If  set3  is  empty
              (""): just translate as in tr; otherwise, further delete all chars given in set3.

       -F     Use filenames in ~/.openrio/.../__libkarma_fdb__.gz for download.

       -f     Force the files to be written even if they are dupes.

       -H     Download  files listed in ~/.openrio/.../__libkarma_fdb__.gz that match the current

       -h     Show summary of options.

       -l props
              Like -u for type='playlist'.  The default is to use whatever is set for -u.

       -p passWord
              Password for accessing the Rio Karma via the network.

       -q     Squeeze repeated chars (given in "set2" of -e), after the optional delete.

       -R     Same as -r, but do not ask for confirmation.

       -r     Remove these files (after the optional download).

       -s searchString
              Search   karma   DB    according    to    searchString.     searchString    syntax:
              property=searchStr[{,|+}...], where:

              -  searchStr  is  a  substring of the property value (see ~/.openrio/*/fileinfo for
              possible property names)

              - ',' and '+' mean AND and OR, respectively

              - each AND/OR operator is applied to the previous search results

       -U fdb.gz
              Upload files listed in the given fdb.gz file.

       -u props
              Use properties to build download path for type=tune.  "props" are formating strings
              (as in "printf"), where:

              %a = Artist

              %c = Codec

              %f = fid

              %g = Genre

              %n = Track Number

              %s = Source

              %T = Type

              %t = Title

              The default is "%f.%c".

       -w     Don't rewrite the smalldb database file.

       -x props
              Like -u for type='taxi'. The default is to use whatever is set for -u.


       printf(3), tr(1).


       riocp was written by Frank Zschockelt <>.

       This  manual  page  was  written by Joe Nahmias <>, for the Debian project
       (but may be used by others).

                                          June 27, 2008                                  RIOCP(1)