Provided by: tesseract-ocr_4.1.0-1_amd64 bug


       shapeclustering - shape clustering training for Tesseract


       shapeclustering -D output_dir -U unicharset -O mfunicharset -F font_props -X xheights


       shapeclustering(1) takes extracted feature .tr files (generated by tesseract(1) run in a
       special mode from box files) and produces a file shapetable and an enhanced unicharset.
       This program is still experimental, and is not required (yet) for training Tesseract.


       -U FILE
           The unicharset generated by unicharset_extractor(1).

       -D dir
           Directory to write output files to.

       -F font_properties_file
           (Input) font properties file, where each line is of the following form, where each
           field other than the font name is 0 or 1:

               'font_name' 'italic' 'bold' 'fixed_pitch' 'serif' 'fraktur'

       -X xheights_file
           (Input) x heights file, each line is of the following form, where xheight is
           calculated as the pixel x height of a character drawn at 32pt on 300 dpi. [ That is,
           if base x height + ascenders + descenders = 133, how much is x height? ]

               'font_name' 'xheight'

       -O FILE
           The output unicharset that will be given to combine_tessdata(1).


       tesseract(1), cntraining(1), unicharset_extractor(1), combine_tessdata(1), unicharset(5)


       Copyright (C) Google, 2011 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0


       The Tesseract OCR engine was written by Ray Smith and his research groups at Hewlett
       Packard (1985-1995) and Google (2006-present).

                                            07/07/2019                         SHAPECLUSTERING(1)