Provided by: argyll_2.0.1+repack-1_amd64 bug


       Measure - Read Print Spot values.


       Measure spot values, Version 1.6.3


       spotread [-options] [logfile]

       -v     Verbose mode

       -s     Print spectrum for each reading

       -S     Plot spectrum for each reading

       -c listno
              Set communication port from the following list (default 1)

              ** No ports found **

       -t     Use transmission measurement mode

       -e     Use emissive measurement mode (absolute results)

       -eb    Use display white brightness relative measurement mode

       -ew    Use display white point relative chromatically adjusted mode

       -p     Use telephoto measurement mode (absolute results)

       -pb    Use projector white brightness relative measurement mode

       -pw    Use projector white point relative chromatically adjusted mode

       -a     Use ambient measurement mode (absolute results)

       -f     Use ambient flash measurement mode (absolute results)

       -I illum
              Set  simulated  instrument illumination using FWA (def -i illum): M0, M1, M2, A, C,
              D50, D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp]

       -i illum
              Choose illuminant for computation of CIE XYZ from spectral data & FWA:  A,  C,  D50
              (def.), D50M2, D65, F5, F8, F10 or file.sp

       -Q observ
              Choose  CIE  Observer  for spectral data or CCSS instrument: 1931_2 (def), 1964_10,
              S&B 1955_2, shaw, J&V 1978_2 (Choose FWA during operation)

       -F filter
              Set filter configuration (if aplicable):

       n      None

       p      Polarising filter

       6      D65

       u      U.V. Cut

       -E extrafilterfile
              Apply extra filter compensation file

       -x     Display Yxy instead of Lab

       -h     Display LCh instead of Lab

       -V     Show running average and std. devation from ref.

       -T     Display correlated color temperatures and CRI

       -N     Disable auto calibration of instrument

       -H     Start in high resolution spectrum mode (if available)

       -X file.ccmx
              Apply Colorimeter Correction Matrix

       -X file.ccss
              Use Colorimeter Calibration Spectral Samples for calibration

       -Y r|n Override refresh, non-refresh display mode

       -Y R:rate
              Override measured refresh rate with rate Hz

       -Y A   Use non-adaptive integration time mode (if available).

       -W n|h|x
              Override serial port flow control: n = none, h = HW, x = Xon/Xoff

       -D [level]
              Print debug diagnostics to stderr

              Optional file to save reading results as text