Provided by: libapp-termcast-perl_0.13-3_all bug


       stream_ttyrec - play a ttyrec to a termcast channel


       version 0.13


         stream_ttyrec [options] [ttyrec_file]


       This program will stream a ttyrec file to the given termcast channel. The ttyrec file may
       be given on the command line, or it will be read from STDIN.  See App::Termcast for
       options documentation.

       This program also accepts some additional options:

       "--speed <n>"
           Set a multiplier for how fast the ttyrec should be played back ("--speed 2" means
           twice as fast).

       "--clamp <n>"
           Set the maximum delay between any two frames in the ttyrec. If unset, there is no
           maximum (the ttyrec will be streamed as written).

           Disable all delays between frames (equivalent to "--clamp 0").

           "Peek" at a ttyrec that is currently being written. This will seek to the end of the
           file and stream new ttyrec frames as they become available.


       Jesse Luehrs <>


       This software is copyright (c) 2014 by Jesse Luehrs.

       This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as
       the Perl 5 programming language system itself.