Provided by: swift-container_2.23.0-0ubuntu1_all bug


       swift-container-info - OpenStack Swift container-info tool


       swift-container-info <container_db_file> [options]


       This  is  a  very simple swift tool that allows a swiftop engineer to retrieve information
       about a container that is located on the storage node.  One calls the tool  with  a  given
       container db file as it is stored on the storage node system.  It will then return several
       information about that container such as;

       - Account it belongs to
       - Container
       - Created timestamp
       - Put timestamp
       - Delete timestamp
       - Object count
       - Bytes used
       - Reported put timestamp
       - Reported delete timestamp
       - Reported object count
       - Reported bytes used
       - Hash
       - ID
       - User metadata
       - X-Container-Sync-Point 1
       - X-Container-Sync-Point 2
       - Location on the ring


       -h, --help
              Shows the help message and exit

       -d SWIFT_DIR, --swift-dir=SWIFT_DIR
              Pass location of swift configuration  file if different from the  default  location


       More      documentation      about     OpenStack     Swift     can     be     found     at


       swift-get-nodes(1), swift-object-info(1)