Provided by: swift-container_2.23.0-0ubuntu1_all bug


       swift-container-reconciler - OpenStack Swift container reconciler


       swift-container-reconciler CONFIG [options]


       This  daemon  will  take objects that are in the wrong storage policy and move them to the
       right ones, or delete requests that went to the wrong storage policy and apply them to the
       right ones. It operates on a queue similar to the object-expirer's queue.

       Discovering  that  the  object is in the wrong policy is done in the container replicator;
       the container reconciler is the daemon that handles them once they happen.

       Like the object expirer, you only need to run one of these per cluster


       -h, --help
              Show this help message and exit

       -v, --verbose
              Log to console

       -o, --once
              Only run one pass of daemon


       More in depth documentation  in  regards  to  swift-container-reconciler  and  also  about
       OpenStack  Swift  as  a whole can be found at and