Provided by: altos_1.9-3_amd64 bug


       altosui - Rocket flight monitor




       altosui  connects  to  a  TeleDongle or TeleMetrum device through a USB serial device.  It
       provides a menu-oriented user interface to monitor, record and review rocket flight data.


       When connected to a TeleDongle device, altosui turns on the radio receiver and listens for
       telemetry  packets. It displays the received telemetry data, and reports flight status via
       voice synthesis. All received telemetry information is recorded to a file.

       When connected to a TeleMetrum device, altosui can be used to  configure  the  TeleMetrum,
       and to downloads the eeprom data and store it in a file.

       A  number  of  other  menu  options  exist, including the ability to export flight data in
       different formats.


       All data log files are recorded into a user-specified  directory  (default  ~/TeleMetrum).
       Files  are  named  using  the current date, the serial number of the reporting device, the
       flight number recorded in the data and either '.telem' for telemetry data or '.eeprom' for
       eeprom data.


       Keith Packard

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