Provided by: context_2019.03.21.20190425-2_all bug


       texfind - graphical tool to search for text in TeX input files


       texfind  [ OPTION ...  ]


       texfind is a graphical, interactive tool that helps you searching through TeX input files,
       including subdirectories, and allows you to do search/replace tasks using perl(1)  regular
       expressions.  It  opens  two  windows:  One displays the directory hierarchy and allows to
       select different search directories. The second window is used  to  enter  the  query  and
       display the results.


       Enter  a  search  string   in  the input box at the top, choose the file extension (tex by
       default) and hit ENTER to start the search. The results will be displayed in the  rest  of
       the window.

       The  search  string  is a perl regular expression (see perlre(1)), which gives you lots of
       flexibility. The search-and-replace function also uses perl regex syntax, but you can also
       just use simple strings. Currently there is no way to save changed files.


       Use the right mouse button to open a menu.

       File : Currently only used to exit the program

       Edit : Copy selections, select or unselect all

       Search  :  Open a Find dialog that allows further searching through the displayed results.
              The Replace option can be used to replace single or all occurrences  of  a  string,
              but currently it is not possible to change the file.

       View : Select specific lines, and adjust word or character wrapping.


       --font : specify the font used for the menu. Default is courier.

       Other  options  probably  exist.    I appreciate input by the program authors, experienced
              users, or Perl geeks.


       ·      perl(1), perlre(1).

       ·      ConTeXt wiki ⟨⟩.


       None known. However, the replace function isn't the most useful one.


       texfind was written for the ConTeXt package by Hans Hagen and Ton Otten, PRAGMA.

       This manual page was written by Frank Küster <> for the Debian GNU/Linux
       system,  and  modified by Sanjoy Mahajan <>.  It may be used and modified by
       others without contacting the authors.