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       tie - merge or apply WEB change files


       tie -c|-m outputfile masterfile changefile...


       The  tie  program  is  used  to process multiple change files used with the WEB system for
       literate programming.  The WEB programs allow to apply  patches  to  a  source  file  (the
       masterfile)  by  means  of  a  number  of change files (often only a single change file is
       allowed).  Tie can be used to either merge up to 32 change files into a single one  or  to
       apply  the  changes  to the masterfile in order to create a new one.  Output of either the
       new change file or the patched master file goes into outputfile.


       -c     Create a single change file from the given changefiles.

       -m     Create a new master file by applying the given changefiles.


       The environment variable WEBINPUTS is used to search for the input files,  or  the  system
       default if WEBINPUTS is not set.  See tex(1) for the details of the searching.


       web(1), ctie(1), cweb(1).


       Klaus  Guntermann, TH Darmstadt, Institut f. Theoretische Informatik.  Man page by Joachim
       Schnitter, TH Darmstadt, Phys. Chemie I.