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       ttcn3_logformat - TTCN-3 log file formatter utility


       ttcn3_logformat [ -i n ] [ -o outfile ] [ -s ] [ file.log ] [ -n ]
       ttcn3_logformat -v


       This  manual page is a quick reference for the TTCN-3 logformat utility of the TTCN-3 Test
       Executor. The ttcn3_logformat utility, which can be found  in  $TTCN3_DIR/bin,  reads  the
       unformatted  log  file generated by test executor from its standard input. It can split up
       the log into several files based on  the  lines  that  are  automatically  logged  at  the
       beginning  or  end  of  each  test case. Furthermore, ttcn3_logformat formats the sent and
       received messages in the log file. The structured values are indented and  each  field  is
       put into a new line according to the braces and commas.


       Available command line switches are:

       -i n      Sets  the  depth of each indentation level to n characters. The default value is
                 4. If the sent or received PDU is too complex and has too deeply nested  fields,
                 this number can be decreased to get more readable output.

       -o outfile
                 Places  the  output  into  file  outfile. If the -s flag is also set, only those
                 parts of the log files will be written into this file that were  logged  outside
                 the  test  cases  (i.e. in control part or on PTCs).  If this option is omitted,
                 the formatted log will be printed to standard output.

       -s        If this option is set, the entries that were recorded during the execution of  a
                 particular test case will be saved in a separate file in ttcn3_logformat working
                 directory. The name of this file will be identical to the name of the test case.
                 If the same test case is executed several times after each other, the results of
                 repeated test runs will be collected  after  each  other.  If  the  output  file
                 contained  some  data  before  ttcn3_logformat  was started (e.g. the results of
                 previous test run), the output file will be emptied and the  old  logs  will  be
                 ttcn3_logformat  recognizes  any  types  of  timestamps  that  can be set in the
                 [LOGGING] section of the configuration file.

                 WARNING!  This option is useless when formatting the log files of PTCs,  because
                 these logs do not contain the name of the testcase that the PTC belongs to.

       -n        If  this  option  is  set, newline and tab characters are not modified, they are
                 printed as \n and \t

       -v        Prints version and license key information and exits.


              The installation directory where the uncompressed binary  package  of  TTCN-3  Test
              Executor can be found.

              It  shall  point  to  the  file  (NB:  not  to  its  directory)  that  contains the
              personalized license key for the current user or host.


       None known at this time

       For trouble reporting use the tool MTTSMS.
       For TR writers guide please visit the web page:


       ttcn3_logfilter(1), ttcn3_logmerge(1)

       The User Documentation for the TTCN-3 Test Executor.


       This manpage is written by Csaba Koppany, Ericsson Telecom AB
       Copyright (c) 2000-2018 Ericsson Telecom AB
       All rights reserved. This program and the accompanying materials are made available  under
       the  terms  of the Eclipse Public License v2.0 which accompanies this distribution, and is
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