Provided by: astrometry.net_0.78+dfsg-1build1_amd64 bug


       wcs-pv2sip - Convert TPV WCS headers to SIP distortion headers


       wcs-pv2sip [options] input-wcs output-wcs


       -o order
              SIP polynomial order to fit (default: 5)

       -e ext FITS HDU number to read WCS from (default 0 = primary)

       -S     Do NOT do the wcs_shift thing

       -s     Treat input as Scamp .head file

       -t     Override the CTYPE* cards in the WCS header, and assume they are TAN.

       -v     +verboseness

       -W int Set the IMAGEW in the output file

       -H int Set the IMAGEH in the output file

       -x num x-low (default: 1)

       -y num y-low (default: 1)

       -X num x-high (default: image width)

       -Y num y-high (default: image width)

       -a size
              Set  the  pixel  values  used  to compute the distortion polynomials with (default:
              closest to 100 yielding whole number of steps)


       The team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and  Dustin  Lang